Mutakura (I doubt there is an English name) is a cooked mixture of chibage (maize removed from the cob) or mafushe (cooked and dried mealies removed from the cob) and

nyimo (round-nuts) and or nyemba (cow-peas) and or nzungu (peanuts/groundnuts).


How to prepare

  1. Add 7 cups of water into a pot
  2. If you are using chibage and not mafushe, boil the chibage for at least 30 minutes before step 3
  3. Add a cup of nyimo/nyemba/nzungu or a third cup of each of these into a pot or half cup of each of these into the pot
  4. Boil for at least one hour
  5. If you are using mafushe you can now add the mafushe into the mixture
  6. Boil for at least 30 more minutes
  7. Add a dash of salt (make sure there is water when you add the salt)
  8. Stir the mixture
  9. Boil for at least five more minutes

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