Mbuya Nehanda

Zimbabwean people beliefs in particular the Shona people beliefs include belief in spirit mediums. One such spirit mediums is/was Mbuya Nehanda whose was more of a spiritual leader active during the colonial rule of Zimbabwe. She was/is a spirit and therefore possessed other women, so she was not person but rather a spirit that possessed people.

People did not however communicate directly to to Mbuya Nehanda, they would tell her assistant, Nechombo their concerns and Nechombo would tell Nehanda.

People who were possessed by Nehanda’s spirit

  • Chief Mutota’s daughter
  • Nyakasikana


Up to date she is still a respected figure in Zimbabwe. The maternity section of Parirenyatwa Hospital is named after her. A police station in Gweru was also named after her. Her statue is found at the National Heroes Acre along with that of Sekuru Kaguvi. Countless street names carry her name. She is taught of in African History at high school level in Zimbabwe.

In one article by the Sunday Mail, Eunice Charandura claims to be possessed by the spirits of Nehanda Nyakasikana

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