Zvinotendwa (nhema nezvokwadi)

Indegenous Inheritance (nhaka) Practices On Males

Generally when a person dies, one or many people gain an inheritance from the estate of the deceased. Items that may fall under an estate include land wealth, houses, cattle or let’s just say animals in general, kingship, kitchen utensils…
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Mbuya Nehanda

Zimbabwean people beliefs in particular the Shona people beliefs include belief in spirit mediums. One such spirit mediums is/was Mbuya Nehanda whose was more of a spiritual leader active during the colonial rule of Zimbabwe. She was/is a spirit and…
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Sekuru Kaguvi

Sekuru Kaguvi a.k.a Kagubi was another spirit medium (mhondoro) believed to exist to the Shona people. Like Mbuya Nehanda, he was also active during the colonial rule of Zimbabwe. His spirit was possessed by Gumboreshumba. He is also believed to…
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